Layton teen sentenced to prison for shooting, killing Sunset man in November

Thursday , May 24, 2018 - 7:34 PM2 comments

FARMINGTON — A little over six months after he fatally shot 19-year-old Hunter Woodson in Sunset, Seth Carreras was given a prison sentence Thursday afternoon in Farmington’s 2nd District Court. 

Carreras, 18, declined to speak during the hearing before Judge Thomas Kay sentenced him to serve at least the next 15 years in prison. 

Carreras, who lived in Layton and was 17 at the time of the shooting, pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree felony murder March 29. In return, two felonies and one misdemeanor charge were dropped against him. 

Carreras admitted to shooting Woodson 11 times after he bought a bag of kitchen spices on Nov. 21 thinking it was marijuana. After he purchased the bag and discovered it was filled with “paprika, salt and pepper,” Carreras then went back into the house and pointed a gun at Woodson, according to a probable cause statement. 

Woodson’s girlfriend told police that he asked Carreras, “What are you going to do about it? Are you going to shoot me?” Carreras opened fire, shooting Woodson multiple times. Woodson fell back, then Carreras walked over to him and kept on shooting, the statement says. Carreras rifled through Woodson’s pockets and took money before running out of the house. 

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On Thursday, Woodson’s mother was one of two people to address the court, and she outlined how each member of her family has been affected by his murder. She said she still lives in the same house because the family can’t afford to move. 

She’s often late to work because she can’t sleep. Emotional scarring has landed one of her sons in therapy. Woodson’s grandfather regularly walks into his old room to cry. 

She added that when Woodson died, he didn’t know his girlfriend was pregnant. 

“His son will grow up without knowing who his father was,” she said. “Hunter would have made an amazing father for his son.”

Even though he was silent in court, Carreras had plenty to say in a letter sent to the victim’s mother earlier this year. 

Woodson’s mother read parts of the letter she received as part of a prepared statement to the court. The sarcasm-filled letter displayed little remorse from the shooter. 

She concluded by asking the judge to give Carreras the maximum sentence, adding that if he is let out she believes he will kill again. 

A courtroom advocate read a letter written by Woodson’s girlfriend, who was in the room when Carreras started shooting. She wrote that she witnessed him fire “shot after shot after shot.”

After giving Carreras his prison sentence, Kay added that most people who get a 15-to-life prison sentence stay in jail for “much longer than that.”

“You’ve taken from the mother, family and girlfriend something they cannot replace,” Kay said. “I hope you can seek to change your life.”

Carreras has 30 days to appeal his sentence. 

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